It's more than bubbles, it's products for bathing, showering, body.

Homemade soap factory, soap according to the cold saponification method.

It's more than bubbles uses lovingly chosen ingredients, nourishing for your skin.

It's more than more than bubbles is detail-conscious and offers you a visual that makes wow, you don't want to use it, but go enjoy it.

Look with your eyes but avoid tasting it (smile)

It's more than bubbles makes cold saponification soaps and is inspired by its North-Coastal region, the forest, the St. Lawrence River, marine animals, berries and the beauty of its village Les Escoumins and its Innu community in Essipit.

It's more than bubbles it's the passion of two friends for travel.

Manon's passion for his work in the field of esthetics and Cristal's passion for everything related to artistic fields.

Manon does research, proposes ideas, tests products, takes care of the shop at the Salon l'Evasion in Essipit, delivery, replying to your messages, manager.

Cristal does research on the products, shows creativity, the girl behind the production.  Pastry chef by passion you will notice a trend for gourmet products that unfortunately are not for consumption but will attract you by their smells.

Manon and Cristal are moving forward in order to make you discover their products and several novelties to come......